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게시물 181건
2010 PPCWC symphony orchestra
글쓴이 : master 날짜 : 2011-03-16 (수) 11:30 조회 : 2382
Contact Phone No. 011-791-3930 /032 505 9040 / 032 516 0071

How to get here.
(it takes for about 50Min or 1hour depands on Traffic)
1.) Incase of car, take the Incheon high express way
drive untill you can see the signboard "Bu-pyoung IC"
get the Bupyoung-gu, line and get out the road and than
turn to the left line ahead to Bu-pyoung station, keep on driving
when you see the Bupyoung station(lotte Market), you drive to the

Baegun station, on the way, you will see the "Hyundai Outlet 2002"
from Hyundai ourlet(on your right side) drive for about 30M, you can see 4 ways of IC. (carefully look at the left side of the road) turn left, (toward Sankok-dong area ) little high road, keep drive
top of the end road than drive dwon you can see the place PPCWC.

(It takes for 45Min)
2.)Incase of Train, get the (1) line towards Incheon, get off the
Baegun station, get on the bus no.553 first and second stop after
3rd stop, get off. it's call Yang-ro-won station. It takes for
6 Min from Beagun station) working distance but weather high and warm

Adrss: 307-71 Sankok-dong bupyoung gu Incheon city
인천광역시 부평구 산곡동 370-71

네비게이션:숫자를 치세요 032 516 0071부평종합사회복지관입니다
Car Indicator Press number only. 032 516 0071 You see how to get here

"Thank you good luck"

" if your people more than 35, we will send you a bus.
Please contact me by Friday morning" ) 011 791 3930

이름 패스워드
비밀글 (체크하면 글쓴이만 내용을 확인할 수 있습니다.)
왼쪽의 글자를 입력하세요.

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