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Interviews with the Diplomat
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"To have a Happy Family it comprises the respect and harmony between husband and wife, grand father and grand mother and the whole clan"

April 07, 2010 Wednesday, President Shin personally visited the new Ambassador of Vietnam for an interview, at the Embassy of Vietnam Seoul Korea.

The new Ambassador arrived last February 2010. He impresses us with his strong desire to help the multicultural families.

He said approximately 90,000 Vietnamese living in Korea. And according to the statistics 73% are living in harmony and happy family here.

"A Strong Family makes a Strong Society " Interviewed by : President of ICFW & PPCWC

He believes that this country is a well developed
and civilized country.

The two reasons of Vietnamese who wants to stay in Korea is the very fast development of the country and The great experience and achievements of Vietnamese coming here.

" I don't think I can support the illegal migrants because we want to follow the Korean Immigration Law, We don't want to have a trouble to Korean Society." I want to build a good friendship between Korea and Vietnam- " He said "

Have you been in Incheon city? Have you heard about Incheon city?
-Yes of course I know Incheon city. I see its one of the richer city, it's not too far compared to other cities. I've heard a lot of good economic development; establish business and investments in Incheon city. I love to travel and go to different places I hope very soon I will visit Incheon city.

- What do you think about I- MSN newspaper ?
I think it's a good idea. Of course we all know that most people don't have time to access through internet especially if we are workers. That is why it's a good idea to publish a good newspaper like this I-MSN.

- Final question, Do you wish to have more Vietnamese ladies to come here to marry Koreans?
"It's a matter of Love" If they both love each other its ok. But our role here is to explain to them the difference of our culture / traditions and Korean culture.. First they need to understand languages and traditions to avoid any discrimination at work or to children's education. We know that we are living in a globalize world and it's un-avoidable. Our own interest is to have a Strong and Happy Family as we all know that our Asian Society is base on a Strong Family. Without a strong family we cannot teach the future generations even the future Multicultural Society.

- We hope that you President Shin and the assistance of Korean Society especially Incheon city will address our needs.

Once again we want to thank you for providing a very good center for our Vietnamese ladies and workers.

We try to do our best to help them specially to win a happy family life.
I am very happy to be the Ambassador of Vietnam.

I would like to send my greetings to you specially to the member of this organization Incheon metropolitan city and to all Korean people.

- Thank You -

- H.E. Tran Trong Toan
Ambassador of Vietnam

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