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We are in-laws. We Hope to Exchange and Educate Each Other’s Cultures.
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“Learning Process should be a‘Two-Way’ Exchange Between Korea and Filipino Culture”

Philippine Ambassador Luis T. Cruz while being interviewed by the President of ICFW and i-msn, Mr. Kwang Yul Shin

The Ambassador strongly said that he is really enjoying his stay here and had been to many places in the country and the last visit was in Yeoncheon.

My first visit in Korea was on a Spring season. I found it very beautiful and so it left me a very good impression. When they offered this position, I accepted because I already had an idea and so I wasn’t disappointed. “ - he said

The Ambassador also adds “The Forgotten War film” by Carlo Cruz, his son tackles about the almost forgotten bravery of Filipino soldiers during the Korean war in the 1950’s, where it’s state the last battle in the Korean war. And the last story pertained to a Korean woman who fell in love and got married to a Filipino soldier.

“There are about 7,500 Filipino troops who came to Korea over a period of 5 years until 1955 where 116 of them died.”

When asked about Filipino workers and illegal migrants, he said that Filipinos should be under the EPS because it is a very good protection for the rights of foreign workers equal to Korean workers like salary, insurance and other benefit matters. But we are trying to solve this problem through the Re-integration Program and Happy Return Program.”

Through these, workers who are about to return to the Philippines will be having financial education seminars and skills to learn various opportunities that they can do when they go back home not as workers but as entrepreneurs.

Nowadays, there are about 46,000 Filipinos in Korea. Half of the population is under the Employment Permit System (EPS) and about 6,300 are married to Koreans.

Harness the strength of korea and Filipino culteres

He also said that, multicultural families especially to those who are living in big cities like Incheon city are in a very privileged position to learn and harness the strength of these two cultures because of their exposure to both Filipino and Korean cultures. This means, while these Filipinos are joining the program to know more about Korea’s culture, language and people, the Korean spouses and the in-laws should also learn Filipino culture and keeping an open mind.

This means, while these Filipinos are joining the program to know more about Korea’s culture, language and people, the Korean spouses and the in-laws should also learn Filipino culture and keeping an open mind.

Lastly, the Ambassador’s message to Korea , “it’s difficult to become a migrant because we are leaving the comforts of our home, leaving the company of family, and leaving the support of the community where they grew up but thanks to the Korean people for welcoming them in their homes, community and churches. We also appreciate the support of the local government through these multicultural centers.

“We sincerely thank the Korean people for being good Samaritans for these immigrants”

We are in-laws. We Hope to Exchange and Educate Each Other’s Cultures.
Around 7,500 Filipino Soldiers Fought in the Korean War. 116 Soldiers Died and Hundreds were injured in Battle.

1. It is Necessary to have an Education System while Philippines and Korea Makes Cultural Exchanges

Shin Kwang Yul, the president of PPCWC & ICFW, is having an interview with the Filipino Ambassador Luis T. Cruz

2. He has visited many cities during his staying in Korea. He visited the cemetery in Yeonchun were Filipino soldiers from the Korean war are buried.

3. The one of reasons that I accepted to go to Korea when I was appointed the Ambassador was beautiful seasons in Korea. I knew that especially the weather in spring would not let me down.

4. He mentioned the interesting story that Filipino soldiers fought in the Korean War and some of them got married to beautiful Korean women.

5. He also said that around 7,500 Filipino soldiers fought in the Korean War for 5 years until 1955 and 116 soldiers died during the war.

6. He got a question about Filipino workers in Korea during the interview. “We want Filipino workers in Korea are able to get the same salary, insurance and welfare as Korean do.” He answered. “We are trying to solve those problems through the reintegration education by the EPS program.”

7. “As the results, the workers will learn economy, financial and special skills through the integration education and come back to Philippines with pride.” He said.

8. Utilization of the power of culture from Korea and Philippines

9. He also mentioned that multicultural families in metropolitan area such as Incheon can learn cultural things by sharing lifestyle and culture of Korea. He said that this means Filipinos in Korea can participate in many programs about Korean culture, language and people and their families also can have opened minds for learning about Philippines.

10. “To immigrate to Korea was not easy to Filipinos but Korean people including church communities welcomed them. Thanks to their helps, Filipinos live happily in Korea. I would like to thank again for supporting of multicultural family support centers and the Korean government.” He said.

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