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Interview to the Ambassador of Cote D'voire
글쓴이 : master 날짜 : 2011-03-16 (수) 13:35 조회 : 2052

Interview to the
Ambassador of COTE D‘VOIRE, His Excellency Kouassi Florent Ekra
November 18, 2010

Total Population of Cote D'voire is 20 Million
He is about 1 year and 5 months living in Korea
His First Impression to Korea:
◆ Korea is developing very fast, specially in the field of business the example of this is Samsung, LG & Kia motors
◆ about 50 IVORIANS people in Korea, some are diplomats officials.
◆ They have 2 scholars students, in Anyang University supported by the Korean Government.
◆ They also have 1 Profesor teacher who work here.
◆ In Cote d'voire there are 2 KOREANS who work in the field of motors.
▶ He thinks that multi-cultural in Korea will become better and better every year. He want people to have a free communication, he's happy that Korea is open for tourist, visa and circulations. And he will continue to study and practice the traditions & cultures of Koreans. Because the tradition of Korea & African are the same.
His Suggestions to Korean Government is to have a comfortable facilities; Good opportunity to have cultural center, where people can exchange more.
His Address to Korean Government
Cote D'Voire has an excellent relationship to Korea that its why He would like to thank the Koreans for there Hospitality.
And to give them a chance for the Exportation of Goods/Products, specialy Ivorian COCONUT. He believes that the volume of transaction is very weak.
And to accepts more students to study here.

Interviewed by: Kwang Yul Shin, President of ICFW & i-msn

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