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Interview to the Ambassador of Oman, H.E. Mohamed Salim Hamood Al Harthy
글쓴이 : master 날짜 : 2011-03-16 (수) 13:36 조회 : 3786

His Excellency Mohamed Salim Hamood Al Harthy,
Omani Ambassador to Korea,

Is a strong-willed person. Indeed, he has been widely recognized as
successfully expanding the international activities, especially in terms of trade, between Korea and Oman within just less than one year since hisinauguration. His achievement has brought him
much more favorable praise as an Ambassador from the Middle East.

“The population of Oman reaches about 2.8
million and about 300 Koreans are living in our
country. Most Koreans in Oman work for Korean
companies including LG, DOOSAN, and KIA or
foreign consultant firms and some of them work in
the fishery industry. There are only few Koreans
living in Oman for longer periods of time. In
Oman, people can have much more freedom than
in other Muslim countries. Anyone who wants to
see Korean Arirang TV or YTN can install related
broadcast facilities. Religious freedom is also
allowed for all Catholics and Christians as well as
other believers.”

“About 30 Omani people have been living in
Korea as of today. No Omani people have
married to Koreans until now. Most of them work
for natural gas or oil companies related with
Korean firms. Recently, the number of Omani
tourists to Korea is on the increase,”said the

It has been already 1 year since the
Ambassador came to Korea. “Since 1974, when
the two countries established diplomatic relations,
Korea and Oman have become closer and
friendlier to each other. I hope that Korea which
successfully hosted the 2010 G-20 summit, will act
as a mediator between developing and developed
countries and deal with unbalanced international
trade, contributing to a balanced common
“Thanks for Multicultural Society Newspaper
to introduce Oman,”said the Ambassador. “I
hope to do much more work by taking a
leadership role in this globalized era.”

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