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Interview to the newly Ambassador of Pakistan
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I-msn International Multicultural Society Newspaper.
H.E Shaukat Ali Mukadam, Ambassador of Pakistan

About 175 Million, Current population in Pakistan.
The Newly Ambassador of Pakistan arrived in Korea on July 2010. He is almost 7 months living in Korea with his Family. 2 Daughters and 1 Son. Eldest daughter is taking up Administrative Management. Youngest daughter is taking up in soul for the school. His Son is taking up Accounting course.
Before he came to Korea. He went to different Countries like(Jordan, Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Ireland) as diplomat.
He also visited Indonesia, Malaysia, Japan and Singapore.
About 3000-4000 Koreans in Pakistan. Some Koreans are engage in big company in Pakistan. Others are tourist (for mountain trekking)
10,000 Pakistanis in Korea, Most of them are workers, working in an industries and fishing.
238 Pakistani Students, under scholarship programs provided by the Korean government and Pakistan government.
less than 100 are married to Pakistani people. And they are living in a happy life.
Korean ladies are very particular. They don't want to waste food and money.
First Impression to Korea and Koreans. More than what he is expected. Koreans are Friendly, hospitable, well mannered. They respect the elders. Like Pakistani they are love to interact with other people.
His perception about Korea is an industrialized country and leader in Electronics like mobile phones, LG & Samsung home appliances.

Relationship of Korea and Pakistan
starts in year 1960's. Both countries are enjoying the cordial relations in the Political, Economical, Commercial, Education, Cultural and scientific field.
About Multicultural Society South Korea have a large expatriate community which is a sign of multiculturalism. This enriches the society and reflects the maturity and educational level of the people to blend with other nationalities, cultures and religions.
Special Programs to support Multicultural Society They have Private school called " MARIE" it is very clean, very nice. This is not just an School. It is a lodging school where students can stay / live.
They pay $250-$300 a month. its includes food and lodging.
When he saw Inter-racial Children he feel that they are the leader of the future. Because they strenghten the relationship of both nations. They would be the managers; they are the strong links.
Suggestion to Multicultural Society in Korea
English language is a Barrier. I would suggest to have a compulsary english language for Primary students. And Introduce English language atleast beside of the school. Because English language is a great advantage for Koreans.
Address to Korean Government.
We want that Korean companies to become a huge areas. And We hope the peace to the Korean Peninsula and to the world. It will have a devastating effect if Korea will collaps. It will affect the world.
We hope the best way to peace is through "DIALOG" it is better to communicate.

Interviewed by: Mr. Kwang Yul Shin, President of ICFW & IMS

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