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A Short Interview to the Newly Ambassador of Iran.
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H.E Ahmad Masoumifar
Iranian Ambassador to South Korea.

◆ IRAN also know as "Land of carpet"
◆ it is located in Central Eurasia.
◆ in Economy it is the 18th largest of the world.
◆ one of the oldest civilization.
◆ Korea's 3rd largest trading partner.
◆ Iran main export are Oil and gas.
◆ Iran is one of the world biggest gas-rich countries.
◆ Iran remains South Korea’s fourth largest source of crude oil.

The current Ambassador serve as the 6th Ambassador to the Islamic Republic of Iran to the South Korea.
He arrived in Korea on January 2011. He officially start his career as the Ambassador of Iran one week after he arrive. His first Impression to Korea. Korea is a dynamic. It is a good & very beautiful country. The people are nice, kind and friendly.
The diplomatic relation between Korea and Iran was established in October 1962, for more than 45 years. Both countries were shared a lot of common values in culture, tradition and history. They have always enjoyed the oriented relationship to Korea since from the beginning.
The relations between Iran and Korea are very close and cordial. The government and people of Iran aspire to strengthen this friendly relationship. The friendship cooperation between the two countries are based on the long standing historical and cultural ties as well as complementary economic interest. Both countries marked by the exchange of high level official visit. As well as the frequent exchange of delegations.
Iranian people began to love the Korean movies.

The Population of Iran was estimated by 76 million as of July 2010. More than two-thirds of the population is under the age of 30, one quarter being 15 years of age or younger.
100% of Iran's population is modern Persian, approximately 75-80% of Iran's peoples exclusively speak Iranian languages (the most common language known as Persian - or "farsi" as it is known in the Persian language)
Most Iranians are Muslims; 90% belong to the Shi'a branch of Islam, the official state religion, and about 8% belong to the Sunni branch, which predominates in neighboring Muslim countries. 2% Non-Muslim minorities include Zoroastrians, Jews, Bahai, Mandeans, Christians and Yarsan. The Bahai's Faith, Iran's largest religious.
About 614 Koreans are been remain in Iran as of 2009. They consist primarily of government officials, corporate expatriates, and Koreans married to Iranians. If we conclude today, we expect the no. of Koreans in Iran are 720 as of last year '2010. Compared to 7,418 in the year 1978. The number of South Koreans going to Iran was fell down. Due to the economic effects of the revolution and the Iran–Iraq War.

Iranian people in Korea is about 1000, particular in seoul are 300.

As of 2010, there are about five million Iranians living abroad, mostly in North America, Europe, Persian Gulf States, Turkey, Australia and the broader Middle East.
Iran is ethnically and linguistically diverse, with some cities, such as Tehran, bringing various ethnic groups together.
In Korea there is a road called "Teheran". Where there are also SEOUL PARK & SEOUL BRIDGE in IRAN. Name after each other capital meaning.

◆ Iran produced various type of agricultural products like wheat, rice, potato, sugar beet etc.
About 50 Iranian student are here.
Koreans have also school in Iran. its Iran's sole school for South Korean nationals, the Tehran Korean School (also known as the Korean Embassy School), was established on 30 April 1976; it uses Korean as the primary medium of instruction, with English used for science and computer classes, and Persian offered as a foreign language. As of 2002, it enrolled 29 elementary-school students.

Iranian women have played an important role throughout history. Scheherazade, though fictional, is an important figure of female wit and intelligence, while the beauty of Mumtaz Mahal inspired the building of the Taj Mahal itself.
Iranian women today serve an active role in society. Peace activists such as Shirin Ebadi have pushed for greater rights for women, while many Iranian women exiles have set examples of excellence that have no doubt inspired many Iranian women to strive for change in the conservative society prevalent in today's Iran.
His message to Korean government
"I wish to korea is to have a prosperity and to have a very good economic & cultural stability" Thank you.

Interviewed by: Mr. Kwang Yul Shin, President of ICFW & IMS

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