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a short information about korean traditions.  
03-16 1821
Entrance of PPCWC & ICFW President , together with the Ambassador of UAE, followed by Ambassador of Cambodia , the Miss Korea 2006 and Miss Malawi…
03-16 1806
   enjoying the seinery of the island.
03-16 1799
They teach the children on how to create paper mosaic., the childrens enjoyed very well
03-16 1794
Picture takings after the event. All togetherm,together with the Ambassadors
03-16 1793
They are the Special Guests. They are Koreans with a high position.
03-16 1789
Releasing of Balloons , to have a good luck wish for the ICFW. Lead by the EMCEE, Miss Korea
03-16 1782
Ambassadors and Distinguish Guests, including Miss Malawi. They are all having fun watching the performance dance of African group. And eventually get…
03-16 1782
Event Presentation, Mr. Kwang Yul Shin, President of ICFW & PPCWC , Thank you speech to all attendees..
03-16 1760
PPCWC Distinguist Guests. The Ambassador of Peace in Germany, the Labor Attache's of Philippines, and the Counselor of Senegal.
03-16 1753
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