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Interview to the Ambassador of Kenya
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i-msn (International Multicultural Newspaper)
Interview to H.E Ngovi Kitau, Ambassador of Kenya.
On June 28, 2011 at the Embassy of Kenya Seoul.
Multiculturalism is a Key to drive the world
The smiling Ambassador of Kenya, H.E Ngovi Kitau is one year and half living in Korea together with his wife and son.
But his first time to arrive in Korea was on 2007 for Business purposes.
According to him Incheon airport is very surprising
the Ambassador have many good impressions about Korea.
He said I like this country because its continuously growing. Korean achieves whatever they want This is a safe secure country, Anyone can sleep outside. I also like the Korean culture and food specially the Kimchi because it is healthy and delicious I lose 40% because of Korean food but the most important thing is no discrimination. We dont have any issues here But the negative side of Korea is Everything is expensive
About 800 Koreans are living in Kenya, Almost 60% of them are Missionaries. But the students are now about to grow.
Korean community in Kenya was established a UNITED KOREA CHURCH.
About 150 Kenyans living in Korea and they are almost students supported by KOICA.
About last year they have 71 Kenyans students here.
They do not have many workers working in Korea, About 10 Kenyans married to Koreans, Most of them are Kenyan men married to Korean women.
His suggestion about Multiculturalism in Korea.
Multiculturalism is a very good policy. A bilateral relation is a one good way to understand each other. Familiarity of each culture is a one good way to understand each other. And its lessen the difficulties.
In Kenya, if 1 parent is Kenyan the child will be automatically citizen of Kenya.
The Ambassador would like to thank the Korean Government for the good bilateral relationship, since 1964.
He strongly said I would like to request for the continuous support to us
Also, I would like to invite the Koreans to visit our country, to see our country in other side. Mount Kenya is the 2nd largest in the world. We have a huge open space surrounded by natures. Tourist can surely love it. Travel time from Korea to Kenya may took about 5-6 hours.
In Kenya 70% of the people are Christian. Kenyan foods are more on instant.. like what they called UGALI it is mix with a water and it looks like a cake.
Kenyan sport is Marathon, because long time ago people in Kenya known for a long distance walking. The government is pulsing the people into sports.
Interviewed by Kwang Yul Shin, the President of i-msn & ICFW

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